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At The Tattoo Shop, we take the art of tattooing and piercing seriously. Our team of seasoned professionals has over 50 years of combined experience and is dedicated to providing the utmost care and quality service. You're in good hands with us. Now introducing Antonio as our piercing apprentice. 

Our policies for minors

  • When getting a tattoo we require our clients to be at least 16 with a parents consent. No face, neck, hands or genital tattoos for anyone under 18

  • For our piercing clients you must be at least 13 years old with a parents consent for facial, ear and navel piercings. 

  • For childrens earlobe piercings we require our client to be at least 4 years of age . We do not use a gun for any piercings 


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At The Tattoo Shop, we take pride in creating unique and personalized tattoos that our clients will love. We are honored to have our clients share their awesome tattoos and experiences with us. Check out our gallery to see a sample of our work, and visit us on our personal links for more.

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